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Unable to get rid of beeping sound from 2021 MacBook Pro

Unable to get rid of beeping sound from 2021 MacBook Pro – Ask Different

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My 2021 MacBook Pro (18,3) recently started making a strange beeping sound. I would like to know its source since the sound makes me somewhat concerned and is also quite irritating. I’m running macOS 12.6.3. I’ve characterised the beeping below:

  • I made a short recording of the beeping.
  • Attaching headphones or adjusting volume have no effect, i.e. the beeping can still be heard. (I’m not even completely sure if the speakers are the source.)
  • The beeping stops sometimes even for a long time but so far has resumed later.
  • The beeping starts again after reboot.
  • SoundSource doesn’t list any applications that produce audio output.
  • The beeping happens even in the login window but (so far) not in Safari launched by a guest user.
  • I tried uninstalling the Teams audio driver and stopping Adobe’s processes but these didn’t seem to have any effect.

Any advice is appreciated.

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